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  • Jem and the Holograms (2015)

    Posted in Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
    June 16, 2016

    Teenage songwriter Jerrica Benton and her younger sister Kimber live with their Aunt Bailey and two foster sisters, Aja and Shana. Jerrica learns that their house will be auctioned, and vents her emotions by recording a song using Kimber’s video camera that she uses to post blogs, but she uses a disguise, calling herself Jem, a nickname given to her by her deceased father. She accidentally forgets to delete the video, and Kimber posts it onto YouTube, garnering millions of views in a single day. Jerrica and her sisters travel to LA because Jerrica earns a record deal with Starlight productions, meeting producer Erica Raymond and her son Rio. In the process, they come across a small robot called 51N3RG.Y (pronounced synergy) built by the Benton sisters’ deceased father, Emmett, which leads them on a scavenger hunt where each clue represents something Jerrica did or wanted to do with her father. On the way, Rio and Jerrica develop feelings, much to Erica’s dismay, who signs Rio off to another singer. Aunt Bailey tells Jerrica via FaceTime that their house is going for auction in a few days, and Jerrica asks for an advance. Erica happily obliges, but she says that she wants Jerrica to leave her sisters and start a solo contract, which Jerrica signs thinking that she is doing it for the family. Her sisters soon find out about the contract and leave. Jerrica goes to visit the house in LA she used to live in with Kimber and her father. Her sisters end up coming back to finish the scavenger hunt with her, and Rio comes along as well. Jerrica soon realizes that the last piece is the earrings that her dad told her to wear, but Erica tells her to take them off when she first goes to Starlight. Rio and the girls break into Starlight, almost getting caught by Erica, but they succeed. The reward for finishing the hunt is a final hologram message video from Jerrica and Kimber’s father. At the end of the movie, Rio and Jem kiss, Erica is fired, and everyone is happy. The house is also safe, as well.

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