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  • Nannaku Prematho (2016)

    Posted in Action, Drama, Fantasy
    January 13, 2016

    Abhiram, London-based son of Subramanyam, loses his job and starts his own company, KMC pipes and canals. He comes to know that Subramanyam is suffering from pancreatic cancer and will survive for more or less a month. Subramanyam reveals his name as Ramesh Chandra Prasad, one of London’s richest entrepreneurs, who lost all his wealth because of a cunning man, Krishnamurthy Kautilya, who made his empire cheating Ramesh Chandra. He was then forced to change his name to Subramanyam and got rich again after years of work. Subramanyam requests his 3 sons to take revenge on his behalf. His eldest son, lies to him that he has filed a lawsuit against Krishnamurthy in order to pacify him. But Abhiram ends up taking matters into his own hands. He sets a time period of 30 days to bring Krishnamurthy to zero and hires three youngsters who are shown to love their fathers dearly. He targets Krishnamurthy’s daughter Divyanka in order to reach him. He uses all methods necessary to woo her, including saving her from a kidnapping and spending every last penny of their family bank balance to buy her a 25 crore worth painting. He finally meets Krishnamurthy at Divya’s birthday party. But Krishnamurthy turns out to be aware of Abhiram’s intentions.

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