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  • Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986)

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    February 14, 1986

    Basinger was born in Athens, Georgia, on 8 December 1953.[1] Her mother, Ann Lee (née Cordell), was a model, actress, and swimmer who appeared in several Esther Williams films.[1][2] Her father, Donald Wade Basinger, was a big band musician and loan manager; as a U.S. Army soldier, he landed in Normandy on D-Day.[3] The third of five children,[1] she has two brothers, Mick and Skip, and two sisters, Ashley and Barbara. Basinger’s ancestry includes English, German, French, Swedish, Scots-Irish, and possible Cherokee Native American.[4][5][6] She was raised a Methodist.[7] The relationship between her parents was tenuous,[citation needed] and her father’s critical nature affected her emotionally from a young age. She has said, “I just couldn’t please him enough. He never complimented me ever. And I saw a lot of silence. Children always read into silence as something terrible.”[1] Basinger has described herself as extremely shy and lonely during her childhood, and has stated that she faced many hardships during her school years as a result.[1][5]

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