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  • Kis Vuk (2008)

    The animated film is about Little Jack (Freddie Highmore), a young fox who spends his time enjoying a wonderful life in the forest with his loving family. During the film, Little Jack’s world changes drastically when his father, Jack, is captured and forced to join the circus.[2] The film’s villain, a shrewd circus owner named Anna Conda (Miranda Richardson), desperately wants bigger and better performances. This leads her to kidnap many forest animals, including Little Jack’s father. With the help of her magician husband, The Ringmaster (Bill Nighy), Anna is able to hypnotize the animals into performing in her shows.[2]

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    Alligator (1980)

    A teenage girl purchases a baby American alligator while on vacation with her family at a tourist trap in Florida. After the family returns home to Chicago, the alligator, named Ramón by the girl, is promptly flushed down the family’s toilet by her surly, animal-phobic father and ends up in the city’s sewers.

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    The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)

    Brad Braden is the no-nonsense general manager of what was at the time the world’s largest railroad circus. He has a number of problems on his hands for the upcoming season.

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    All the King’s Men (1949)

    Posted in Drama

    The story of the rise of politician Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford) from a rural county seat to the governor’s mansion is depicted in the film. He first teaches himself law and becomes a lawyer, championing the local people and gaining popularity. He then decides to go into politics. Along the way he loses his innocence, and becomes as corrupt as the politicians he once fought against.

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    Hardware (1990)

    In the 21st century, most of the world has been reduced to a radioactive wasteland. People exist in industrialized slums kept running on outdated and decaying computer technology. A nomad zone tripper comes across the remains of a robot buried in the sand. He collects the pieces and takes them to junk dealer Alvy, who is talking with ‘Hard Mo’ Baxter, a soldier in the corps returning home from duty on December 24 during the Christmas cease-fire, and his friend, Shades. Seeing the robot parts, Moses asks the nomad where he found them, to which he replies, “…Glass Flats, Dune …

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    The Ipcress File (1965)

    Posted in Thriller

    A top scientist called Radcliffe is kidnapped and his security escort killed. Harry Palmer, a British Army sergeant with a criminal past now working for a Ministry of Defence organisation, is summoned by his boss, Colonel Ross, and told that he is being transferred to a section of the organisation headed by Major Dalby.

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    Clockwise (1986)

    Posted in Comedy

    Brian Stimpson (Cleese), headmaster of Thomas Tompion Comprehensive School, has been elected to chair the annual Headmasters’ Conference. Habitually disorganised as a young man, Stimpson is now fastidiously organized and punctual, and his school runs “like clockwork”. He is the first headmaster of a comprehensive school to chair a Headmaster’s Conference, that honour usually being reserved for heads of the more prestigious private schools.

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    Maniac (1980)

    The film starts as a young couple are lying on a beach, being watched by an unseen person. The woman asks a man to get some wood for the fire and while he is gone, the unseen man approaches the woman and suddenly slits her throat with a utility razor. After gathering some driftwood from the surf, the man returns to the campfire where the killer attacks him from behind and wraps wire around his neck and pulls, practically decapitating him.

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    The Shrine (2010)

    Posted in Horror

    The film starts with a man tied to a ceremonial table. Another man then kills him with a sledgehammer to the face.

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    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)

    The film opens with a scroll saying that when Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds (1963) was released, audiences laughed at the notion of birds revolting against humanity, but when an attack perpetrated by birds occurred in 1975, no one laughed. This is followed by a pre-credits sequence of a tomato rising out of a woman’s garbage disposal unit. Her puzzlement turns into terror as the tomato draws her into a corner. Following the credits, the police investigate her death. One officer discovers that the red substance she is covered with is not blood, but tomato juice.

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