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  • Pledge This! (2006)

    Posted in Comedy

    When a dorm toilet explodes on the first day back to school, a group of misfit girlfriends are forced to leave their housing and search for a new home. They ultimately decide on pledging a sorority. However, not many sororities are normal at South Beach University. The girls decide to pledge the most popular and exclusive sorority at the university, Gamma Gamma, which is led by president Victoria English.

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    The Innocents (1961)

    Posted in Horror

    Miss Giddens (Deborah Kerr) applies for a job as a governess. It is to be her first position, but the wealthy bachelor interviewing her (Michael Redgrave) is unconcerned with her lack of experience. He values his freedom to travel and socialise and unabashedly confesses that he has “no room, mentally or emotionally” for his niece and nephew, who were orphaned and left in his care as infants, and whom he keeps at Bly, his country estate. The previous governess, Miss Jessel, died suddenly less than a year ago. All he cares about is that Miss Giddens accept full responsibility for …

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    The Holy Mountain (1973)

    Posted in Drama, Sci-Fi

    A man (later identified as a thief) representing The Fool, a Tarot card typically depicting a young man stepping off a cliff, lies on the ground with flies covering his face like excrement. He is befriended by a footless, handless dwarf (representing the Five of Swords: defeat) and goes into a city to make money from tourists. The thief’s resemblance to Jesus Christ inspires some to use his likeness for the crucifixes that they sell by casting an impression of his face and body. After a dispute with a priest who rejects the thief’s likeness of himself, the thief eats …

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    The Quest (1996)

    Late night in a bar in the present day, an old man enters and awaits service. Not long after, a group of thugs arrive and attempt to rob the till. The old man defeats them easily one by one with hand-to-hand combat. Amazed, the bartender asks who he is. The old man replies it was long ago…

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    Torn Curtain (1966)

    Posted in Thriller

    Michael Armstrong (Paul Newman), an esteemed American physicist and rocket scientist, is to attend a scientific conference in Copenhagen. He takes a cruise ship to Copenhagen along with his assistant and fiancée, Sarah Sherman (Julie Andrews). Armstrong tells Sherman that he did not want her to come along, and en route to Copenhagen, he receives a radiogram to pick up a book once in Copenhagen. The book, allegedly a first-edition of one of Armstrong’s book, actually contains a message that says, “Contact π in case [of emergency.]” He tells Sherman he is going to Stockholm, but she discovers he is …

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    White Squall (1996)

    The film is based on the fate of the brigantine Albatross, which sank May 2, 1961, allegedly because of a white squall. The film relates the ill-fated school sailing trip led by Dr. Christopher B. Sheldon (Jeff Bridges), whom the boys call “Skipper”. He is tough and teaches them discipline. He forms a close connection with all-American Chuck Gieg (Scott Wolf), troubled rich kid Frank Beaumont (Jeremy Sisto), shy Gil Martin (Ryan Phillippe) and bad-boy Dean Preston (Eric Michael Cole). When a white squall threatens their ship, the boys try to use what Skipper has taught them to survive the …

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    Victory (1981)

    Association football plays a central role of the film. A team of Allied prisoners of war (POWs), coached and led by English Captain John Colby (Michael Caine), a professional footballer for West Ham United before the war, agree to play an exhibition match against a German team, only to find themselves involved in a German propaganda stunt.

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    Inherit the Wind (1960)

    In a small Southern town, a school teacher, Bertram Cates, is about to stand trial. His offense: violating a state law by introducing to his students the concept that man descended from the apes, a theory of the naturalist Charles Darwin. Cates is vigorously denounced by town leaders such as the Rev. Jeremiah Brown.

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    [REC]³ Genesis (2012)

    Posted in Comedy, Horror

    The film begins by employing a hand-held style as the main protagonists. Following a photo montage of the couple – Koldo and Clara, are about to celebrate their wedding day. The wedding is primarily filmed by Koldo’s cousin, Adrián, and their wedding photographer, Atun, plus footage cuts in from other guests’ cell phones and cameras. All goes well and the guests travel to the wedding reception, held in a huge mansion, on chartered buses. Guests mingle as Adrián films his uncle, who says he was bitten by a dog, but claims he will be alright.

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    The Spanish Prisoner (1997)

    Corporate engineer Joe Ross (Campbell Scott) has invented a very lucrative, very secret industrial process. While on a corporate retreat at the resort island of St. Estèphe, he meets a wealthy stranger, Jimmy Dell (Steve Martin), and attracts the interest of one of the company’s new secretaries, Susan Ricci (Rebecca Pidgeon).

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