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  • Session 9 (2001)

    Posted in Horror, Mystery
    September 14, 2001

    The Danvers State Hospital has been closed since 1985. Gordon Fleming (Mullan), the owner of a small asbestos removal company who is in a desperate financial bind, makes a bid to remove the decrepit hospital’s asbestos. He is also a new father, and the stress of work and parenthood have been causing problems between him and his wife, Wendy. Gordon’s team is both small and eclectic. Mike (Gevedon) is a law school dropout, who knows the most about the asylum. Phil (Caruso) is filled with bitterness after losing his long-time girlfriend to Hank (Lucas), another team member. Because of this, Phil has taken up smoking marijuana. Jeff, Gordon’s nephew (Sexton III), is the youngest member, and suffers from severe nyctophobia.

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