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  • The Pink Panther 2 (2009)

    Posted in Adventure, Comedy, Crime
    March 06, 2009

    When a master thief, the Tornado, begins stealing expensive artifacts the Government of France assembles a Dream Team of International Detectives to solve the case. Inspector Clouseau is reassigned from his task as a parking officer by Chief Inspector Dreyfus to join the Dream Team in Japan, site of the Tornado’s recent heist. While meeting with Clouseau, Dreyfus ends up being the victim to one of Clouseau’s blunders; Clouseau discovered the wires Dreyfus set up in his office and set them off, bringing elite unit operatives. Oddly, Clouseau had the password to call them off on his medal (which seems to an electronic device): “Hamburger”. At the airport, as soon as he is officially leaving France, news breaks that the Pink Panther Diamond has also been stolen (which he said would happen the very moment he left). Clouseau travels back to the scene of the crime, where the other members of the Dream Team, Inspector Pepperidge (Great Britain), Vicenzo (Italy), Kenji (an electronics specialist from Japan), and Sonia (a researcher and criminology expert from India), are gathering. They go to Rome to investigate a black market fence, Alonso Avellaneda, who deals with The Tornado. Assuming he is The Tornado, the Dream Team question him while Clouseau snoops around. Avellaneda successfully vindicates himself by demonstrating that he lacks a bullet-wound to the right shoulder – the Tornado was shot in that shoulder during a theft over a decade ago. After they leave, Avellaneda meets with the Tornado himself. The Tornado reveals that one of the people on the Dream Team works with him.

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