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  • The Voices (2014)

    Posted in Comedy, Crime, Thriller
    February 06, 2015

    Jerry is an upbeat man who experiences severe hallucinations in his day to day life. He works at a bathtub factory, and lives on his own above a Bowling Alley. His hallucinations cause him to frequently converse with his dog Bosco and his cat Mr. Whiskers, who manipulate his actions and beliefs. One day, his manager compliments his hard work and chooses him to help organise an employee barbecue. During the preparations, he meets an English lady named Fiona and asks her on a date, but she stands him up to go a karaoke party. When she is unable to get home, Jerry finds her hitchhiking and gives her a ride, but crashes into a deer in the forest. Jerry’s hallucinations show the deer crying out in pain and begging Jerry to kill it, and so he slits its throat. Fiona, terrified, runs off into the woods. Jerry pursues her but accidentally stabs her. Apologising for his actions, he then stabs her repeatedly to end her pain and kill her.

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